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When it comes to homes and offices, many desire naturally lit interiors with windows that boast expansive outdoor views. While the idea of a bright, window-filled space is certainly appealing, in reality, windows introduce an unwelcome downside into your space: discomfort.

Bothersome glare, aggravating hot spots, and poor insulation can all be associated with windows, and in turn, can create an uncomfortable environment for occupants. Unfortunately, traditional solutions like curtains and blinds may not fully address these issues. However, there’s another solution to increase interior comfort that many overlook: heat control window film.

Natural Lighting & Surrounding Views, at What Cost?

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Bothersome Glare

When the afternoon sun blasts through windows, it casts glare across TV and computer screens, making them difficult to see. As a result, using your digital devices in a high-glare environment can lead to eye strain, headaches, and discomfort. While curtains are certainly an option, to be effective in blocking glare, they eliminate natural daylight altogether.
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Uncomfortable Hot Spots

Have you ever experienced excessive hot spots inside your space during the warm summer months? Unfortunately, heat goes hand in hand with a naturally lit space. This not only creates uncomfortably warm interiors but can also cause HVAC systems to work overtime trying to maintain comfort, leading to increased energy bills.
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Poor Insulation

In the cool winter months, windows can have difficulty retaining man-made heat inside your space. As a result, interiors can feel drafty, cold, and overall uncomfortable. Not to mention, the inconsistent temperatures can drive up energy costs.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Heat Control Window Film

Window film can address the negative side effects of the sun in a way that curtains and blinds can’t. In fact, our 3M window films can minimize glare, reject heat, and improve insulation, without sacrificing natural light! Learn more about two of our most popular heat control window films below.

3M Prestige Series Window Films reject up to 97% of the sun’s infrared heat, resulting in more comfortable temperatures during the warmer months. Prestige films also boast high optical clarity, so there will be no change in the appearance of your windows with the film installed.

3M Thinsulate Insulating Window Film improves the insulation of a single-pane window to approximately that of a double-pane window, and a double pane to that of a triple pane. The result is improved insulation and, in turn, improved comfort all year round.


Invest in the Comfort of Your Space with Window Film!

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